"As an artist the most important thing isn't just playing music on stage.

It´s more than that.  

It´s about feelings. It´s about giving people a good time - to make them smile. Let them forget their problems. Just good vibes. Just techno." 

- Deniz Bul

Deniz Bul is a young talented dj & producer based in Germany.


Progressive baselines mixed with catchy melodies is what makes him recognizable. 

Progressive - sometimes deep, but always danceable is what Deniz style is about.

Deniz passion for music developed in his youth. He tried different styles of music before the age of 20 when he first started to produce electronic music.

In 2016 he signed at Boris Brejcha´s well known label "FCKNG SERIOUS".

Since then Deniz brought his sound to more than 20 countries all around the world to follow his mission "the world needs more techno".​​​

Feel the energy behind this artist!